What my clients say

‏"I really cannot recommend Kamila highly enough. I feel quite emotional when I think about the guidance she has given me and I feel eternally grateful for the help she has provided for me to have a fantastic and positive birth."

Kirsty, Archerfield

‏"Kamila has been a fantastic support over the past few years. Her warm, friendly nature put me instantly at easy, enabling me to speak freely in a relaxed manner. She has continued to be non-judgmental, open and caring towards me, offering me the much needed support that has helped me to overcome anxieties and challenges in my life"

Elaine, Dunbar

‏"My second baby’s birth was one of the most empowering experiences of my life, all thanks to Kamila’s amazing support. She led me through preparation for VBAC and gave me the confidence I was desperately lacking after previous traumatic birth. She helped me overcoming my fears and made me believe in myself and my body again. I couldn’t thank her enough. She is truly inspirational, calm and such a kind person and I will treasure her help forever."

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Gabriela, Edinburgh

"As a first time mum I was nervous about labour and delivery, and having read about the difference that having a doula can make I sought out Kamila. I felt instantly at ease with her. Looking back on the birth now I can't imagine having done it without Kamila - she was a huge support to me and my husband in both practical and emotional terms. She was a reassuring and encouraging presence during all my labour. I felt I could completely rely on her. 

"My husband is from China and having our first child in the UK was a big 'unknown' for him, particularly in terms of it being a different culture as well as a first child. Kamila's presence and support helped him to feel more at ease with the process and to understand how to support me. He made the comparison afterwards that giving birth without a doula would be like flying economy class long haul when you've already had a long tiring journey and have a lot of work to do when you reach your destination, but having a doula was like business class - it is worth spending some extra to be more comfortable when you've just been through pregnancy and are about to embark on the challenges of parenthood. If you are thinking of finding a doula we would definitely recommend Kamila, as she is more than just a doula, she is a very knowledgeable and supportive friend who genuinely cares about the people she works with."

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Morag, Edinburgh