Women's Holistic Health

About Me

Kamila Sokolowski

I’m originally from the Czech Republic and now live in East Lothian with my husband and two boys.

My passion for people and for their life stories brought me on my career path to be a counsellor. I studied Transactional Analyses Therapy in Edinburgh and completed my diploma in 2011. During and after my studies I carried out volunteer work for Low Cost Counseling and Postnatal Depression Services in Edinburgh.

After my own experiences with pregnancy and labour, I made a decision to become a birthing companion (doula). Since December 2016 I am fully trained Doula and I did my training with the Red Tent. I encourage mothers to listen to their bodies, wake up their inner wisdom and be next to them on their journey of transformation into the motherhood.

How May I Help You?

Our initial session is free of charge so we can explore if we are right for each other.


I'm passionate about people's lives and I see counselling as a very powerful tool for dealing with issues and bringing back balance, acceptance and peace.


Walk and Talk

General counselling and pregnancy sessions can be indoors but I much prefer to take clients for walk and talk sessions, combining physical movement and mental well-being.


Birth Companion

Birth companionship ranges from emotional support to you and your partner to practical support and even relaxation techniques.


Female body transitions

The main aim of these sessions and workshops is to restore your trust in the wisdom of your body and understanding of your mind.



Reiki is used in healing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual problems as well as promote relaxation and relieve stress.