The main aim of Well-being sessions is to build greater connection between your body and mind and experience well-being.

Well-Being Sessions

I’m offering the sessions which are tailored for your personal needs. Our sessions will be a journey which will give you an opportunity to know yourself better, to realise what is holding you back from living in the state of wellbeing and what and how you can change.

Our session will be divided into:

Walk&Talk: non judgmental conversation about your life, relationship (with people, food, body, mind, yourself, etc), your passion, goals… and what you need to twist/change to experience wellbeing.

Practical part: how to ground and energised yourself, how you can bring and apply the changes in your life, what choices and options you have, what keep you on the track to experience wellbeing.

Mindful part: meditation, visualisation, art, sea dip, Reiki to feel wellbeing.

Client Review

“Last year I lost my father suddenly. I was struggling to process what had happened and handle the loss. A friend recommended Kamila and we met for her ‘Walk & Talk’ sessions. Kamila was very open and made me feel at ease. It was lovely to get out and walk with her instead of sitting in a room. I found myself opening up much easier than I expected.”

- Gillian, 45