Female Body & Mind Transitions

“In the middle of every difficulty, lies opportunity.” A. Einstein

Female Body & Mind Transitions

Hello & Welcome,

Are you a woman going through a major body-mind-spirit transition?

A woman’s life goes through many hormonal changes – The First period, Pregnancy, Menopause, illnesses – and they all impact our body,  behaviour and interaction with the world around us and inside us.

So if you want to feel confident, grounded, less scared and more empowered then come to work with me. You can choose from the workshops, Women’s Circle or one to one sessions. 

How will I help you?

  • Explain the basic hormonal and psychological changes and impact on our behaviour.
  • Self understanding: The importance of our feelings. The role society and family dynamics play in this transition. 
  • Spiritual perspective and Self care. 
  • Practical support for managing physical symptoms and challenging emotions.
  • Psychological support in a safe and confidential space.

I have supported women going through the life challenges and pregnancy and our work allowed them to:

  • Feel supported practically and mentally.
  • Feel like being heard.
  • Their needs and wants were validated.
  • Help them to accept the change.
  • Feel more settled in the transition.
  • Bring more self-understanding and compassion.

Female body transitions are challenging and at times very dark but also it’s a great opportunity for personal growth and empowerment.

… and you are not alone in this!

Client Review

“Last year I lost my father suddenly. I was struggling to process what had happened and handle the loss. A friend recommended Kamila and we met for her ‘Walk & Talk’ sessions. Kamila was very open and made me feel at ease. It was lovely to get out and walk with her instead of sitting in a room. I found myself opening up much easier than I expected.”

- Gillian, 45