Workshops and Women’s Circle

My workshops will restore your trust in the wisdom of your body and understanding of your mind.

Menopause Metamorphosis Workshop

This menopause workshop is different. It is a holistic process that links body – mind – spirit:

The investment for this workshop is £40 and places are limited. Book now to secure your spot.

19th August 2023
Abbey Church, 116 Heigh street, North Berwick

My name is Kamila Sokolowski and I am a fully trained Counsellor and Doula. I have over 9 years experience working and supporting women during their life challenges. I have supported women through pregnancy/labour/postpartum and I also hold regular Women’s Circles. I am passionate about the female body transitions and the role of our mind and of our spiritual journey.

I will use my skills and knowledge to provide you with the tools to help you to tune into your inner wisdom and develop a deeper understanding of “What is going on” so you are more equipped for the bumpy journey.

I will combine:

The scientific approach: Explanation of hormonal and body changes and their impact on our behaviour. – This will help you to understand what is physically going on within your body.

My experience with emotions and holding a safe space: I will give you the chance to see the importance of our feelings such as fear, grief, understand anxiety and anger. – I will encourage body and emotional awareness.

My inner wisdom: I will explain the Menopause from the spiritual perspective. – I’ll encourage you to connect with your inner wisdom which is located in our womb and ability to see the deeper meaning of the Menopause.

You will get:

Practical support: This will help you to manage and ease the physical symptoms (nutrition, exercise, natural remedies, HRT) and give you the tools to manage this challenging time and change the emotions (grounding and mindful exercises).

Psychological support: We will create a safe and confidential space where we can share our personal experiences and support.

Self understanding: We will discuss the impact of society, family dynamic and personal experience so you understand your situation and your symptoms better.

Positivity: we will find the positives of the Menopause so you can look forward to it!

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My workshop will restore your trust in the inner wisdom of your body and understanding of your mind.

I am looking forward to seeing you there!

Wisdom and Love, K. X